Employment Training Progress

Employment Training Programme (4 Stages)

Induction Training

A full DOSH / Health and Safety talk explaining the potential hazards of cleaning equipment and materials and an explanation of how these hazards can be found during each procedure. In addition, we undertake a demonstration of personal protective clothing.All our cleaning equipment is coded and employees are trained accordingly. Basic electrical equipment, such as ride on machine cleaner is made familiar to cleaners with explanations on basic safety awareness and maintenance.

Finally, we go through the key issues which may arise in a cleaning environment which will help a cleaner to understand the procedures in the event of abnormal occurrences.

On-Site Training

This occurs in all our cleaning services with cleaning contracts. This work is heavily supervised and acts to ensure that a member of employees learns our special method of work. This is a system where work is checked once it is carried out to ensure all aspects of the cleaning specification are undertaken. It also helps us to distinguish the members of employees who are prepared to take a pride in the company and their work. Only members of employees who understand and act upon what is expected of them can continue to work with us.

Specific Site Training

This will include all aspects of a specific site. We recognize that every site is different and requires areas of particular attention. The member of employees is also trained with regard to the health and safety implications of a specific site as well as the security procedures of that particular site.

Ongoing Training

This keep employees up to date with any changes in materials of cleaning techniques used. All relevant changes will be introduced throughout the company and managers and site supervisors then carry out training.

House Cleaning